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Our Story Part 1

This is what my sister Amy wrote up for our lawyers when we were looking to see if we had a case against the hospital. Our lawyer said since we cannot prove dad's stroke did not actually start the night before, we did not have a strong case. We will not be pursuing a case against them. I am using my sister's words here because she was there. I can give my perspective, but this isn't about me or what I went through that day. This part of the story is about dad.

There will be more to come tomorrow on what happened June 5 and 6.

Friday June 4, 2010 my mother (Kathleen Hammitt) and I (Amy Hammitt) took my father (Norm Hammitt) to the Fulton County Hospital ER for treatment. We arrived around 11:00 a.m. and my father was admitted to the ER shortly after. The ER doctor’s name was Dr. Hoffman. My father wascomplaining of chest pain, weakness, and numbness in his right side. His skin tone was grey, he was
having problems with confusion, and over all did not look well. After answerin…