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For the first time in a couple years, I am actually excited about Christmas.

I am excited to get to spend Christmas Eve with the girls and Mark's family. I love our new tree. I am enjoying making new traditions and memories with my own family. We made 27.5 dozen cookies (in 2 days...on very little sleep). We saw the lights at the zoo.  We picked out outfits for Christmas Eve. I am looking forward to seeing my family in Toledo. I am looking forward to some time off work. I have enjoyed the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts. I have even loved wrapping the presents (even though I am horrible at it). Even when I have wanted to strangle the girls, I have looked forward to making our first Christmas in our new place one they will enjoy and hopefully remember.

At the same time, there is still a sadness. It is another year that I do not have parents to go home to. Another year that the 2 people that made my Christmases happy, won't be there to share in the fun. It isn't the sam…