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What I Learned this Weekend:Mind over Matter

After 2 days of Mucinex, Excedrin Migraine, tons of water, and just choosing to focus on something else, my headache pretty much took me out of the game today. It didn't put me down for the count, but I'm just now feeling better after a day of living like a bat and not getting nearly as much done as planned.
It all started Friday. I woke up with a 2 front headache: Sinus pressure in the maxillary sinuses and a tension headache from the knot in my shoulder. Basically, the two sets of pain meet behind my eyes.
 I lost some ground Friday morning, but I  had too much to do. I was amazed by what a few drugs, water, and focusing on what needed to be done could do. That night, I was going to stay in and recover, but I decided to go out instead. It was amazing how focusing on my friends and having fun made the pain tolerable. 
Saturday, worked both jobs and that kept me distracted from the  headache that typically would have set me back a bit. The only difference was this time I was appr…

I Want to Love the Rain Again

I used to love the rain. I loved to watch and listen to thunderstorms. It was a simple pleasure, but the rain relaxed me. I enjoyed the lightning. Even the thunder was a welcome sound. Now I didn't  like driving in the rain at night because my night vision sucks and the rain made it worse, but that was a downfall that was easy to deal with.

Now I hate the rain, and I abhor thunderstorms. It has been almost a year, but both give me an anxiety I can't shake. It has gotten better, but it is a fear I can't seem to shake.

Of course all this is made worse by being in a car. Driving in the rain, makes me anxious. Driving in a storm, makes me nauseous. I guess if both didn't mess with my ability to see, it wouldn't be as bad. I hate not being able to see what is in the road ahead of me. I don't like surprises. The bigger issue is: what I see in flashes of lightning. On the night of the accident, you could only see the tornado when the lightning would flash. Otherwise, …