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Time to Start Planning the Upcycle

The post move projects are becoming actual priorities....yikes!

I guess I will be adding Upcycler blogger to my list of blogging expertise.  Yeah I am not sure where this is coming from.

My thought is we have tons of stuff, we might as well make the best of it.

So far my projects include:

1) Making my sewing parlor cabinet into a curio (supplies already purchased)
2) Making a folding sewing table into a desk for the girls. It think it also needs to be refinished (most of the original finish is long gone, but I will see if I can salvage it without having to strip and refinish).
3) Recovering my dining room chairs, and deciding if I want to go with vinyl or have fun with fabric paint.
3) Recovering a vanity bench
4) Repainting a vanity and converting it into a desk.
5) Cutting the vanity mirrors into squares and then stenciling them with frosting paint
6) Possibly restaining the headboard, again with a little extra work this weekend it may be fine.
7) Refinishing the cedar chest we use …