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Fourth of July: Woodville, OH vs Sheridan, IN

Small towns tend to be interesting places to celebrate our nation's birthday. Some small towns have the big carnivals and fairs and pretty amazing fireworks shows. My hometown was one of those locations. We had the Fourth of July Festival that culminated with one heck of a fireworks show. We had carnies, townies, lots of beer, and of course fireworks. In a sick sort of way, I miss it. It is like a train wreck I can't help but like to watch. When I was invited to go to celebrate the fourth in Sheridan, IN, I took my friends up on the offer. Our initial game plan was to go to the park for the festivities, watch the fireworks, and then go to our show at the local bar. I was curious to see how Sheridan would rate. I mean it could potentially trump Woodville, but this is what I found.

The "festivities": I can't really judge these because the weather on the Fourth sucked. It rained off and on all day, so they apparently called off the activities at the park. What stru…