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Depressing pet listings

I’ve been looking for a slightly bigger and nicer cage for Beaker and Batty. Their cage is adequate, but I was thinking about finding them something just a little more like Popcorn and Skye’s cage. I looked around at pet stores, and I found many cages in my price range (around $200), but none of them really did anything for me. I need something that will still easily fit in my car, and not be to heavy or awkward to carry. Yes, I know cages are expensive, that wasn’t my issue. The cages I liked were too big or bulky. I can’t get Popcorn and Skye’s cage in the front seat. Even in the back seat, I can’t get the cage seat belted in. I needed a cage that would still be car safe for road trips or when all four of them go to the vet.

After the pet stores let me down, I looked on Maybe I would have better luck there. I didn’t and instead I was just appalled by some of the things I read on there. Yes there were many people who had found stray or lost pets, or had to give up th…