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Phase One

Today I confirmed our appointment with the lawyer to start putting things in motion for Dad's estate. We had just wrapped up Mom's and here we are again. It will be a quick road trip (Home after work 9/1 meeting the morning of 9/2 and back on the road to Indy by the afternoon since I have to work Saturday). I for see many of these short, but still tough road trips in the future. I'll gladly take passengers Indy friends. It is a long drive with lots of time for me to think...and over think.

It has to be done though. This is just our first phase of many as we work towards getting past this, and seeing what our "new" family look like.

It has been a month (well tomorrow it will be a month), and you would think things would hurt less. Not so much.

You would also think it would be easier this time around. When Mom died there was so much more going on. Her death, Dad's condition, our own trauma from witnessing her death AND surviving the tornado. Life as we knew i…