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My miserable Cedar Point Trip

I love Cedar Point. Used to go every summer and have an amazing time. Even if the weather sucked, it was still a fabulous time. That was until my last trip. That was totally awful. I made the mistake of going with a group of my friends from Indianapolis. The group grew to people I didn't, and at least on person who liked to be the center of attention and the boss of all if us.

Cedar Point is best done with a game plan, You start at your favorite ride and then make your way around the circle. That way you have the time to get to all the rides and you are not running back and forth all around the park. I tried explaining this, but it didn't work. We jumped from ride to ride without any organization. I quickly learned I didn't really like the other people my friends had invited, and the final nail in the coffin was when my boyfriend at the time called me to tell me his dog died. By then I was totally over it.

I haven't been back since. I can't wait to return and make …

Macaroni and cheese with tuna is a tasty 'broke meal'

Broke meals are my specialty. Between growing up, college and just starting out on my own, I am familiar with making a buck stretch.
Macaroni and Cheese My default, poor college student/just starting on my own meal is deluxe macaroni and cheese with tuna. Now I am, picky on this. It has to be the kraft deluxe shells and cheese. It is the kind that has the creamy cheese in the packet. I do like the add milk and water type, but it just doesn't work as well. Most generic and store brand versions won't work either. They just aren't creamy enough.

I add the tuna for the protein. It is like a low maintenance version of tuna noodle casserole. You have to mix it all together when the noodles are just out of the water. Heat is the key element here. The cheese sauce needs to melt quickly to cover the noodles and tuna.

The whole kraft thing makes it a little more expensive, but you can also pair it with a canned or frozen vegetable and make one box last a couple days. It has been m…