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An Open Letter to Mother's Day Ads

Dear Mother's Day ads (more so those who make them)

I get it. You are trying to make money. I really do. However, as one of the people who do not have my mother around to celebrate the day: For the love of all that is sacred, back the hell off.

I am past the whole Mother's Day making me cry. I got that out of my system last year. This year it just annoys me.  Your commercials shoving the Hallmark Holiday down my throat, just make me angry. Maybe if I had kids it would be different (the closest I have are the birds and I would be damn impressed if they escaped and got me a card...oh and they are pets not kids). However, I am childless and will remain so. I'm too old to entertain the idea of my own kids, and if I am like my Mom...too old to have any of my own anyway. Step kids could very realistically happen, but that is in the future. For now it just pure torture.

For now, I will cringe at every commercial. I will pray for the day to come and go so the commercials will go a…