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Why I Get to Hate Thunderstorms...and you don't get to judge

I agree that the Indianapolis media gets a little over zealous about bad weather...and by over zealous I mean they can make it into a three ring circus. I agree that it is a little over kill at times, and that yes it gives the average person another reason to worry and be anxious over what is usually nothing.

Snowmageddon...annoyed me. The ice I kept getting stuck in because my apartment complex doesn't pay for "ice removal" was really the biggest issue once I unearthed my car from it's ice coffin.

Every thunderstorm isn't severe, and we don't have to pretend it is. If nothing is changing about the storm, lets not interrupt programming to tell me the same exact thing over and over again for an hour. However, if there is a severe storm, with rotation in your viewing area and you can help save lives, then yes interrupt the programming. Give the people who need the info the facts. Yeah you know what it might just be raining in our neck of the woods, but the vie…