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A Jump On Wordless Wednesday


When Your Planned Kindness Turns into Random

I typically do not carry cash...unless it is laundry day or I have just picked up cash *for* laundry day. Even then it is typically the exact amount I need for the laundromat.

Yesterday I went to the grocery I do most Mondays. There was someone doing collections for the Salvation Army outside the store. Every year I try to donate at least once but I have to make a concentrated effort to remember to grab extra cash to so. Yesterday I decided to get my meager donation done early this season and made sure I asked for extra cash back at checkout.

I wasn't in the store very long, but when I came out, the Salvation Army person was gone. I was just going to hold on to it until I ran into another donation kettle. Then I saw a woman walking through the parking lot. She was near tears, not wearing a jacket, and looked a little distraught. It turns out she was out of gas, and had apparently lost her debit card...and had no way of getting home. She didn't need much. She just …