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Project #2: The Old Dresser

Seven and a half years ago I acquired a dresser from my Mamaw. She had bought the house next door to her, and the dresser had been left in the house. Not even a week later, she was gone.

The dresser was looking a bit shabby, but I couldn't bear to part with it.

We decided to keep it for the girls room, but to update its look a bit.

This is what we started with:

1) First I attacked it with Murphy's Oil Soap and Liquid Gold (a theme you will see in many of my projects). That cleaned up the sides and the drawers, but the top was in back shape.

2) Then it was time to sand. The finish (well what was left of it) was stubborn and I had to use a knife to remove the paint splatter...which meant more sanding.

3) I decided to just restain the top of the dresser, so I stopped sanding long enough to tape the top off.

4) One sanding block later, I was ready to stain. Made sure to wipe away any dust left from the sanding. I bought a can of Minwax in Red Mahogany. Please be sure to follow the …

I am having way too much fun

Androidify is addicting. I love this app!

It is odd how things happen

Here is just a short baby blog to get the ball rolling again. More posts are coming soon. With the move and projects things have been crazy.

It is weird how things work out sometimes.

You may remember the SNAFU with the Indiana Punch crew (who by the way have not followed up with me at all) last week. I contacted Eversave and they weren't able to give me a refund because it was more than 30 days from my purchase. However, they could give me a credit on their system for the amount. Okay. I was good with that.

This weekend I received an e-mail about a save on a Swarovski bracelet. It was $29 for a $129. Of course I wanted in on that. We were  in Chicago, so I tried to order it on my phone. My phone kicking me off the site. I tried with Mark's phone, but my bank had changed my address and now my zip code didn't match the one Eversave had on file. It wasn't a huge deal. I wanted the bracelet. It was an amazing price. I just figured there was a reason I kept getting shot d…