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music for thought Current mood: cranky
I should have gone out tonight. I should have gone to Lulu's. I should have spent time with my friends. Instead, I just couldn't get over this blah feeling. It isn't like I sat at home and cried on my couch all not the case. I just had zero modivation to do ANYTHING. Maybe it was this crappy week paired with my sinus/allergy crap. Maybe it is my lack of sleep. I don't know what it is, but I want it to go away. Some of it is that I know there is something I have to do, but I am terrified of it, AND I have no idea of where to even start. I know it has to be done though, or else I am headed for a world of hurt. I'm not even certain I can do what I need to do at the moment.

Once again my music reflects my mood. Here are my most highly played songs of the week. The intial plan was to only post the top 25...but we had a huge amount of ties...
Going under
Anywhere but home
The Cure
The Cure