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10 Things You Should Know

If you really know me, you should know:

I love to buy shoes, but I don't like wearing them.I hate being the center of attention, but I hate feeling totally invisible.  If I consider you a friend, I'll do just about anything for you. Taking care of people might be the one thing I do best. I am pretty particular about my personal rules...if I break one there is a good reasonI usually only take a risk if the only person who will get hurt is me.I get bored easily.I hate feeling alone.The only thing I really want is  for people to actually get me. I love horror movies.If you want to know anything else..ask.

Picking Your Battles

Sunday morning: I felt fine. I was tired (and too lazy to do my hair). My stomach hurt, but it had hurt pretty much all week. By Sunday night:I was miserable. My head was swimming with everything I have going on. My shoulder was throbbing and I was working on another tension headache. I hadn't really eaten much since Monday. I was just not hungry and every thing I forced myself to eat just made me sick. That includes what I had made myself for dinner. It wasn't pretty folks.

My week really hadn't been that bad. It was a culmination of a couple weeks events, stress, disappointments and this numb feeling I just can't shake. Even with all the good things (which there were many) thrown in, I just could not kick this growing bad feeling. It was like everything was hitting me at once, and my body was just throwing in the towel.

As I sat on my couch feeling super sorry for myself, it occurred to me: I was breaking my own rule: Pick Your Battles Carefully. I was trying to tac…