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I'm a slacker

but really I have been has been GREAT but totally kicking my butt!!

I do have some new content out just bear with me here:

Culture Feast
Some post election banter on Bumper Stickers

Venting My Holiday Stress

My looming fears for Detriot

Tips for the Holiday Road Trips

Rain Tiger

December Feature

Associated Content:

Of Course I'm all for using what I know: How to Register for Classes at Ivy Tech

How to Stop a screaming Cockatiel


How to Pack for a 4 day cruise to Cozumel

How to make videos for Virtual DJ

And there is can see it at any of these pages.

I have been slacking on the and redgage blogs, but I am going to make an effort to get back on top of these things ASAP! I miss writing these blogs!

Fiction has been a rust of creativity (even when I tried to blog my mind was always wandering to my characters) I'm so happy with some of the changes I have made. I've managed to dial down much of the high end drama that just wasn&#…