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Indy Idol Week 2

Well we are two weeks in and things keep getting interesting.

I will admit. I was scared when I arrived at Bentlys. I knew we couldn't survive another dead week. Things were looking bleak, but in the eleventh hour, singers came out of the woodwork and life was good. It is a strange group we have there, but it should be interesting to see who makes the top 18.
Majors was slower this week, but we had some new faces come to audition.
Buffet Concert = dead night at Britton Tavern. We started tryouts a little late, but it paid off. Open karaoke coaxed a few more into auditioning, so it was win/win.

We have one more week of auditions. I'm anxious to see how the tryouts for next week go. J I'm thinking it will be packed or dead. Either all the procrastinators will be out in full force, or it will be dead. I'm sort of hoping that is crazy busy! Then the 10 week contest begins after that…and that is where the fun begins. Theme weeks are fabulous, and I can't wait to see some o…