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Well that is a First

Throughout my past, I've never been the popular girl. I don't say that to complain. I never really had any desire to be. I'm okay with that.

 Now I guess I am one of the popular kids. I'm a nice popular kid...I'm not going to dislike you until you give me a reason to. I guess my bigger question is why are you really jealous of us?

So one of us sings many of the songs you sing. I think she sings them better. Your voice is bigger, but you have very little control over it. That didn't bother me until you started *loudly* mocking her while she sang. One of us is thin, pretty, and extremely out going. She's going to get attention. She isn't bothering you. She isn't being inappropriate (okay last night she wasn't inappropriate). Why bad mouth her? That brings us to me. I'm not the prettiest girl in the bar, nor I am I the thinnest. I'm not the best singer, but the songs I do sing I sing well (You Oughta Know isn't just to be…