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Wardrobe by Vive La Femme

I love to shop, but there are few stores I can actually shop at. If it is quick fix, I can make Target work. If I have more time, I like Anne Taylor loft, Torrid and JcPennys. However, if I have the time and money, I would always rather shop at Vive La Femme. Yes, it is all the way up in Chicago, but it is worth the trip for great essentials. They are a great boutique on North Damen that specializes in fabulous clothes for the plus sized crowd. It is a drive, and the clothes are a little more pricey, but they are good quality and the clothes are amazing. Everything I have bought from there has been well worth every penny.

'Just Like Heaven' must be played at any good wedding

If and When I do get married, I feel for my Dj. I will be that bride requesting random music that may or not be wedding appropriate. I've never been one to plan my possible wedding, but I can think of a few songs I'd like to hear.
Just Like Heaven by The Cure It is a great Cure song. It is up beat, fun, somewhat dancable, and I love the lyrics. Plus The Cure makes everything better. Blue Eyes by Cary Brothers This helps if the bride has blue eyes...but still it is lesser known song that is amazing. Great lyrics, good slow dancing song, and it may even get a tear or two. I hope tomorrow is like today by Guster This is probably one of my all time favorite songs. Really Guster + Ben Kweller is a no brainer. Great song. Great lyrics. This is so my first dance at my wedding.