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Who the Hell Forgot to Pack My Safety Net?

When I was younger, I was fearless. I would jump head first into things without the fear of failing, not being good enough, or any of the other things that bog the grown up me down.

By the time junior high came around, I was more cautious, but I was still always looking for my next big adventure.

High school did nearly kill the fearless me, but she survived .

College took its best shot at her, but she hung in there.

Hey..lets move to Indiana without any real plan or a back up plan! Yep. I sure did. I made that choice without a moment of hesitation. I had no idea what I was doing, but somehow it all worked out.

Let's go to Chicago for my 25th birthday, random strangers at the concert and spend the whole weekend with them. Guilty.

Let's go to California, alone, and again meet random people...and then go back to spend Halloween with them in San Francisco. Yep, that's me.

How about going to a Goth Club in San Francisco befriending 2 filmmakers from Vancouver while…