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A very sad night

Tonight I came home from work to discover there was something very wrong with my one cockatiel Beaker. Beaker and Batty are brothers, and they were my first two birds. Beaker was never the sharpest tool in the shed, but he was a momma's boy. I loved him like a he was a kid not a bird.
At first he was just a little out of it and wobbly. Then the parakeets started acting strange. They were jumping on him, pulling on his wings and getting in his face. Normally, Beaker would run away like a little girl, but instead he was taking it. I went and picked him off the cage. That is when he collapsed on me. His feet weren't working. By the time I had him in the travel cage I could hear him struggling to breathe. We rushed to the vet…and she had bad news.
I knew he had a genetic defect that effected his respiratory system, but he was fine at his last check up. When I got him to the vet she said it looked like he was in respiratory failure and he wasn't getting enough oxygen...and that…