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A New Series: What’s your life soundtrack?

I've always thought that each person has a "life soundtrack." We have songs that identify us, we relate to, and are a true back drop to our lives. Some songs are constant anthems. Other songs come and go as we transition through the stages of our life.
I have my constant Benchmark Songs: Nine Days—Absolutely
Guster -- Either Way
Jessica Andrews – Who I Am
Both songs are ones I will always be happy to put on repeat until the birds can sing along. These songs are me at the core. No matter what is going on with me, these are real indicators of my true self.
Then there are the other songs. These are the ones that can change daily, weekly, by the minute…you get the picture. They are more reflective of the things that come and go. They are the pain, love, joy, loss, laughter, and all your other emotions. They are the songs …

Damn dirty squirrels

A little Earth Day Humor:

Okay, back when I was at Eastern Michigan University, I began to think that perhaps the squirrels had a sinister plot to take over the campus. These little menaces had to be up to something. These guys didn't move for humans. You moved for them. They would hide under garbage cans and attack your feet as you passed by.

There was one little guy that lived in the courtyard of my building. I didn't sleep very well at night, so I would try to catch up on sleep during the day. He would wait until I was just about to fall asleep, and then he would run back and forth along the window sill making all kinds of noise.

I figure if they could organize a campaign of terror on a college campus, running the world should be well within their reach. Beware of the squirrels...