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The Unexpected


You never know how life is going to turn out. Tonight I was sitting in an empty laundromat as the winds picked up and the storms started to approach from the west. As I sat there hoping I would be out of there soon, I couldn't help but think how this would be the perfect opening for a scary movie. A girl, alone in a suburban laundromat, ominous weather, some cheesy 80's ballad (I think it was by Nelson) in the background...just make me hot and blonde  and we have the makings of a slasher film folks.

This sudden burst reminded me of the days where I really thought I could make a living off that creativity. I thought Indiana was just a brief pit stop. I had big plans and dreams. Instead I never left, and I work in education. It isn't a bad life...actually it is a good life. Still I do sometimes wonder what would things be like if my life had gone to plan. Where would I be? What would I be doing? Would I be alone?

I know some of how things ended up were for the best. This p…

Ways I Deal With Insomnia

blogging (duh)obsessively check facebook and twitter until something fun is postedfinding random stuff on you tube

bleach my wallsreadingwriting (not blogging mostly fiction projects)stare at the wall/ceiling with the hope I will fall asleepcook"window shop" the clothes I never have a reason to wear

edit photosset up random photoshoots in the apartment

worry about my friends and familywork on the knot in my shoulderexercisetry to find fun writing prompts (and usually fail...maybe I should do something about that)work on my photo portfolio over on redgagewatch scary moviestext a friend if I know one is awakelaundry (I so should be doing that now)wish I had better access to the things that make me sleep bettergrocery shopworry about sleeping through my alarmsconvince myself to at least try to is better than nothing right?