Ways I Deal With Insomnia

  • blogging (duh)
  • obsessively check facebook and twitter until something fun is posted
  • finding random stuff on you tube

  • bleach my walls
  • reading
  • writing (not blogging mostly fiction projects)
  • stare at the wall/ceiling with the hope I will fall asleep
  • cook
  • "window shop" the clothes I never have a reason to wear

  • edit photos
  • set up random photoshoots in the apartment

  • worry about my friends and family
  • work on the knot in my shoulder
  • exercise
  • try to find fun writing prompts (and usually fail...maybe I should do something about that)
  • work on my photo portfolio over on redgage
  • watch scary movies
  • text a friend if I know one is awake
  • laundry (I so should be doing that now)
  • wish I had better access to the things that make me sleep better
  • grocery shop
  • worry about sleeping through my alarms
  • convince myself to at least try to sleep...it is better than nothing right?


Anonymous said…
I love the one about better access. I understand your struggle a little bit. Hang in there! Brandi

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