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Another First Christmas

My parents met at Christmas time. Mom was going caroling. Dad was probably planning to cause trouble.

That's how it all began, and it is probably why they both loved Christmas so much.

Last year, we made it through our first Christmas without Mom. It was hard, but it was still a good Christmas. Compared to the cluster that was Thanksgiving, it was a huge success.

Dad wanted to go to Christmas Eve service, so we dressed him up and headed to Woodville. I remember asking him if he was hungry before we left. The answer was no. As soon as we hit the village limits, he says he's hungry and wants McDonalds. He was too embarrassed to go in, so we bought our food at the drive through and then ate in the parking lot. I found french fries all over that rental the next day.

We made it to the church. They helped us to the handicap row, and all was well until the choir began to sing. My father completely lost it.  It was heartbreaking to see how much he missed Mom.

This year, we will be mis…

He Makes My Coffee Just Right

How do I know he's the right one for me?

He tells me I'm beautiful when I feel like I have been hit like a truck.
He gets the car so I don't have to walk in the rain.
He doesn't mind that my apartment isn't spotless.
He makes me feel safe and loved.
He can always make me smile.
He always puts his kids first.
He deals and even tries to make peace with my birds.
He is always there for me.
And the one that may seem silly to you is: He makes my coffee just right...every time. He got it right the first time. He gets it right every time.