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Today's Fun

Well it is Wednesday...and I have 3 articles and a blog to try and hammer out tonight...yes I am crazy!

sometimes the blogs just write themselves. Some people just amaze me with their ability to lie. Check out What The...

I also have TONS of new E-How Articles up and running, and I will probably have another 15 post within the next few weeks. Check out my content at

RedGage is being evil again. It is one of the joys of writing for a beta site. I have tons of photos to upload, but it won't let for now I have my Yay Halloween Blog to tide you over. Yes I am totally geeked about Halloween...I can't even tell you how happy I am. I will start slowly bringing in decorations to the office. And it is time to plan this years costume...I am a fan of wings, but maybe I'll go a different route this year...

Last Year (work safe costume...had another one for not at work)

Part of the Office

Maybe I'll go as a vampire this year...that could be fun