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I Knew This Was Going to be Tough

I really do sort of suck at this.

I love his girls, and I do not doubt that they love me. They are really great kids, but we had a rough weekend. I can't seem to fully recover from it.  It hasn't been a total disaster. I really hasn't, but it has left me feeling very discouraged.

I bought them toys. I bought them because I wanted to. I want them to have things to play with while they are here. I want them to be happy here. I am not looking for heaps of praise, but a thank you would be nice.

I am not trying to be their mom. They already have a mom that loves them very much. At the same time, I am not their friend.  They have to learn this. This past weekend I was almost in tears several times because no matter what I did, his girls (and their cousins we were watching) refused to listen to anything I said. Most times they just pretended like I didn't even say anything. I actually preferred that to when they would talk back to me. I'm an adult. This is my house too. T…