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10 Things You Should Know

Here are a few things I thought were just common sense:

1) Always read everything carefully.
2) Follow all the directions.
3) When you fail to do items 1 and 2, don't be rude about it. You screwed up. The other person is under no obligation to help you.
4) Addendum to item 3: IF they choose to help you, don't be a jerk.
5) Be aware of your location and surroundings.
6) Do your own paperwork.
7) If you do not do your own paperwork, you still need to know all the required information.
8) Addendum to item 7:  My Mama/girlfriend/sister did it for me is *NOT* a valid excuse for not having/knowing your required information. You are an adult. Act like one.
9) If you aren't responsible enough to do all the work, maybe you aren't ready.
10) If you may be significantly late to work, and you only have 1 phone # for your boss, voice mail is acceptable. However, you will need to keep him/her updated. If you have 3 numbers, call all 3. If you get VM on all three, again try to call …