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Something is Missing

Moving Day is Friday.

I am beyond excited. I am ready to start this new phase in our lives. I am ready to build our future. After the past 2 years, it is amazing to see how things have turned around. I have finally found where I belong, and I am looking forward to seeing what is next.

I am positive and optimistic about this. For the first time in my life everything feels right. I hate to be rainbows and butterflies on you for a second, but this feeling is what I have been waiting for my whole life.  I never expected things to work out this way, but what started with me judging him and taking pictures for a karaoke contest (not bad judging him...I was a contest judge) has become  the kind of relationship I thought I would never deserve.

Will there be struggles and challenges? You bet.

Will it always be pretty? I can promise you it won't.

There will be fights, disappointments, petty disagreements, and other bad things that come along. Things will suck from time to time. That is jus…