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Sweet Talk Deficent

Some people are just good at getting what they want. I am not one of those people. No, I'm not going to bombard you with low self esteem riddled pity parties. I'm only going to be very mildly self deprecating, because well that is just a given. No one wants to read another why I suck, am lonely, or any other negative comment filled blog. I've written enough of them myself, and this isn't one of them. I have some luck by relying on my cuteness, determination, pure dumb luck, and some really lucky genetics. Still, my luck with these is not consistent.

Honestly, I have no idea of how i get my way. I'm not so great at sweet talking. my bad habit of just being direct sort of gets in the way of that. My only "secret weapon" is the "sad eyes" effect. However, those are not fool proof. some people are immune to that power. Still there are a few people that I have just managed to win over. I am very clueless to how it happened. These people consistentl…

How Do I Dress to Impress?

My idea of dress to impress varies by my situation. Sometimes sucking it up and dressing in a way I don't like has to happen. Other times, just being me is enough.
D.i.y. My Little Pony Corset If I am going on an interview, I wear a nice dress or skirt and jacket. I want my look to be polished, and I want to make a good impression. Really, I am selling my work. In a perfect world that would be all I needed and my appearance would not be a factor. However, that is not a case. if I want them to take me and and my work seriously, I need to show them I can deliver the whole package.

Now if I am dressing to impress socially, I will wear something that is totally me. It may be a graphic t-shirt. It might be a corset. It might be a tank top and a sweater. Usually it is pair with jeans. Really it depends on where I am going and my mood. Off the clock, I am just going to be me. I get that I am going to be judged by my appearance. that is just how life works. However, I've discovered ch…