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At A Crossroads

As many of you know, I have been sitting on the fence in regards to my photography and whether it is a hobby or a part time gig.

I have been on the fence for so long because every time I have myself talked in to doing more, I get scared:
1) Getting a real site will cost money
2) I will eventually need to buy more (expensive) equipment
3) What if I suck

This summer, I watched a photographer, using the same camera I have take pictures for the girls softball team and thought "hey I can do that."

We had a professional development speaker who tasked us with reconnecting with our passion.

Ivy Tech is having an exhibition for staff, and that has really kicked my passion back into gear. I am entering 3 pieces.

Since then I have opened a store on Zazzle

I have researched and picked a stock photo site I am going to work with.

So what is next? Do I take the plunge, start a web site and see what happens?  If so, I want to do it before the exhibition.  Do…