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A Perfect Weekend

I need out of dodge for a weekend. I really don't even need a weekend...I could settle for just an overnight trip.

I want to go to Chicago and do all the things I love up there. We could leave after I get off work on a Saturday and come back Sunday.

I want to take pictures of the city. It has been years since I've taken the time to do that...and I am rebuilding my portfolio. I want to go shopping up at Clark and Belmont

I want to get dinner at Penny's Noodle ShopI want to get breakfast or brunch at ToastI want to go to the Map Room for drinksI want to go to the Sanrio shop at the Shops at Northbridge
I think it is a simple request, and it should be filled soon. Okay fine, it is a selfish request, and no one may want to go with me, but I think it would be fun. 

My first concert at Verizon

In the 10 years I have lived here, I had never been to a concert at Verizon. I never could find anyone to go to a concert with me. Tonight that changed, and I can tell you:
I wish I had more people to go to concerts with...the acoustics there were amazingeven if you aren't a Parrothead...Jimmy Buffett's show is amazing and you should go to one at least onceholy effing geez on the parking...I couldn't get back to the door I went in and ended up walking for 30 minutes to my car (I knew where it was was just about 2 miles from the main exit. ) Now I see why you tailgate for concerts: to get a good parking spot.
It was great fun, and I am glad my co-worker invited me to tag along. My shoulder and back are going to hate me tomorrow, but I have the whole day off to recover.