A Perfect Weekend

I need out of dodge for a weekend. I really don't even need a weekend...I could settle for just an overnight trip.

I want to go to Chicago and do all the things I love up there. We could leave after I get off work on a Saturday and come back Sunday.

  • I want to take pictures of the city. It has been years since I've taken the time to do that...and I am rebuilding my portfolio. 
  • I want to go shopping up at Clark and Belmont

  • I want to get dinner at Penny's Noodle Shop
  • I want to get breakfast or brunch at Toast
  •  I want to go to the Map Room for drinks
  • I want to go to the Sanrio shop at the Shops at Northbridge

I think it is a simple request, and it should be filled soon. Okay fine, it is a selfish request, and no one may want to go with me, but I think it would be fun. 


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