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New story idea

So I have been thinking about a new story idea. It is still in the very beginning stages, but I think it has promise. In usual me form, I am in writing ADD mode. I've discovered that I am becoming more and more quickly bored. If my mind isn't always working on something, I am bored. It is like I have been multitasking for so long that just doing one thing at a time is too slow. If I have nothing to do, I'm obsessing about all the things I should be doing instead. In a moment of being bored, this idea came to light.
I've been working with this basic concept for a while. My issue is how do you build it up without going too melodramatic? A doomed relationship lasts about two days before things go very wrong (although I'm not sure how else it would have been…you can't expect a person to throw everything she has ever wanted away after 2 days). Laying that out is pretty easy. Girl an guy have been best friends for years until he gets way into his private school buddie…

My First Car

I was sixteen and I just got my license. Other parents bought their children nice reliable cars. Others of us…well we were happy to have a car that ran. Yes, my first car was a 1986 Ford Escort. The color was classified as "gold" but really it is was more of a cloudy brown.
I can give you the laundry list of things that were wrong with that car. The heater didn't kick in until at least ten minutes into the drive. The colder it was the longer it took. That meant the defrost didn't work either. On really cold days, the windows would frost over before I could drive down the block. When she first started up she wouldn't stay started unless you kept your foot on the accelerator. The locks would freeze and I would have to crawl in through the hatchback. She wouldn't accelerate all that fast. However, she was great on gas, her AC was amazing. Some one asked me if it worked…I assumed it didn't, but to my surprise it worked fabulously.
That car really was an eye …