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Not On Rex Manning Day

I love to quote "Empire Records." Despite it's cheesiness, there is just something about that movie that makes me smile.
I know I shouldn't love the movie as much as I do, but I do. I could blame it on the fact it came out when I was in high school. Instead, lets just call it my guilty pleasure.

This movie is awful, but I really would quote it more often if I knew other people knew the movie.

Maybe I love it because it is about a bunch of outcasts that somehow manage to save the day. Maybe it just the soundtrack. Who knows?

I Want to Be Selfish

I need a new car. I love my little Kia, but last summer just about did her in. Actually, I was planning on buying a new car before the accident. I even talked to my parents about cars I had been looking at when I was home over Memorial Day.

13,000 miles later, I still have her. I need something with a little less wear and tear and that is a little higher off the ground. Dad can't get in and out of her. I have been getting rentals for my trips home, but I would like to save some of that expense.

On Sunday, my dad asked me how much the car I was driving would cost (I had said that I really liked it). I said probably around $15k. He told me to find one I liked and let him know how much it was. Yes, my father wants to buy me a car. Part of me wants to be selfish and take him up on it.  However, as the person responisible for his finances, I know it is a bad idea. As much as  I know this isn't his best plan ever, it is nice to have someone want to take care of me.

99% of the time I…