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Un-Met Expectations

Monday was my birthday.
We have the girls this week, so we weren't able to really celebrate it. We had plans to celebrate it Friday, but those plans are now pushed back to Saturday.

My expectation was that Mark would treat this like I would have had the roles been reversed. Had we not been able to celebrate on the actual day I would have: Made him his favorite dish for dinner. Made him a cake for the four of us to enjoy together.I would have held on to his gift so we could all be there when he opened it. I would  have had something fun planned for the evening to make up for not getting to really celebrate. I would still want to make the day special for him. I would have done all of this even if he wasn't not happy about having to push the celebration back.
My reality was very different.
I was woken up (after asking multiple times if he had enough time to take the girls to the sitter and being told no) to shuttle the girls to the sitter instead of being able to sleep in on my d…