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In my version, Snow White hangs out with Batty

Oh this one is easy...and a little predictable for me...
Batty is the brains of the operation. He's loyal, sweet, and will take out anyone who messes with his friends.
Abby is sweet and misunderstood. She just wants to be loved, but sometimes doesn't communicate that well. She also tends to "eat her emotions."
Charlie is adorable, but he is also very clingy and needy. He demands to be the center of Snow White's attention and can be a little destructive. He doe not seem to understand the word NO.
She is the cute and clumsy dwarf. She's a people pleaser with a horrible sense of direction.
He's the oldest and most arrogant. He has his good moments, but he mainly acts too good for the rest of them.
Hyper, sweet and loyal.
Last but not least the youngest and quietest...she just wants to be your friend

A Customer Service Surprise

One would thing shopping the day after Christmas would be a nightmare, but Best Buy really surprised me. I was ready for a long and painful afternoon. Instead it took less than an hour, and quite pleasant. My mother bought me a camera I already own for Christmas. I wanted to return it and put that money towards a new laptop. The mother board on my old laptop had dies, and I was making due with my netbook. I was very happy to have something to fall back on, but I needed a regular laptop pretty soon.

I had been looking at a particular laptop since Thanksgiving, but the web site said none of the Toledo stores had it in stock. I wanted to look any way. I knew the return line may be scary and I may not find what I wanted, but I was at least ready to look.

I arrived at the Best Buy, and there was a huge line for check out, but the returns line was pretty short. They were moving people through pretty quickly. My longest hold up was a woman trying to return an item that had been mailed from …

It'll be different this year

I am going to be happier this year. I think that last year didn't suck. I know that there are no guarantees in life, and I may not find everything I'm looking for in 2010. However, I'm going to be grateful for the things I do have. I'm not going to take things that just annoying personally. I'm not going to feel guilty about taking time out for me. I'm going to work on getting things in order, and to keep moving forward. Constantly searching and trying isn't working, and isn't making me happy, so maybe this will be better.

I am a crazy bird lady

I have seven birds...yes seven. I only wanted one, but now I have seven. I just couldn't say no!
I only wanted *a* cockatiel, but of course when I went to pick up Beaker, things changed. Their living conditions were horrible, and there was only one other cockatiel left. I almost had to adopt Batty.

A few months later, someone left their cockatiel and parakeet behind in their apartment, Yes they moved and abandoned their poor animals. Next thing I know, I've adopted them (Popcorn and Skye) too. I have sadly adopted and lost 2 female parakeets, and my one store bought is a female parakeet was bought to be Skye's buddy. Abby was just supposed to be a foster. I was going to rehab her so her owner could rehome her, but then the owner went AWOL and Beaker fell in love with her. After Beaker died I was distraught and adopted Weddnesday. Finally we have Charlie. I went to pick up a cage from his former owner only to discover he came with the cage.

Now I have to say no. We are out…

Aveda Rain will do your 'do right

It is a little pricey, and not exactly in my neighborhood, but I love it. It is well worth the drive! I love the Rain Aveda salon because of the service. Everyone there is kind and helpful. I love the organic products and that the girls there actually get my hair type and cut it so that it is flattering. I have been to many salons, some that charged just as much, and they didn't make my hair look nearly as good,. Yes it looked nice when I left the salon, but soon it just wasn't what I wanted.