I am a crazy bird lady

I have seven birds...yes seven. I only wanted one, but now I have seven. I just couldn't say no!

I only wanted *a* cockatiel, but of course when I went to pick up Beaker, things changed. Their living conditions were horrible, and there was only one other cockatiel left. I almost had to adopt Batty.

A few months later, someone left their cockatiel and parakeet behind in their apartment, Yes they moved and abandoned their poor animals. Next thing I know, I've adopted them (Popcorn and Skye) too. I have sadly adopted and lost 2 female parakeets, and my one store bought is a female parakeet was bought to be Skye's buddy. Abby was just supposed to be a foster. I was going to rehab her so her owner could rehome her, but then the owner went AWOL and Beaker fell in love with her. After Beaker died I was distraught and adopted Weddnesday. Finally we have Charlie. I went to pick up a cage from his former owner only to discover he came with the cage.

Now I have to say no. We are out of room!


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