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COMPASS Conference Recap

I spent 3 days hidden away in the west Chicago suburbs at the annual Midwest Region COMPASS conference.  There are many things I learned, and moments that I will not soon forget.

Here are the highlights:

Lesson learned: Being "work me" 24/7 for 2.5  days is really hard. Again this year finding people to hang out with after hours (after my co-workers went to bed) was a challenge. I'm not saying this is the venue to get out and party, but when everyone goes to bed at 10 it is a little disconcerting.I'm relatively certain our ACT rep (Tim) looks forward to seeing what color my hair will be each time he sees me (it as been different each time in the past 5 years).The hotel is on the grounds of McDonalds corporate headquarters and "Hamburger University." The hotel used to be owned by McDonalds and used only for employees, but now it is owned by Hyatt. Still the Mcdonalds influence shows through out the hotel. They have classic pieces of art that have been altered…