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Three Tips: Saving $$ on Your Halloween Costume

I know this may be a little late for some of us, but if you are still working on a costume for this weekend here are some tips for saving $ on your costume:

1) Shop around for promo codes. Even today there are stores that are taking 25% off their prices and giving 2 day shipping for around $10. Check out for options.

2) Recycle: What do you already have? Yes the costume is shown with a red petticoat, but will the black one you have work? What shoes and stockings do you have from years past? Always try things on to ensure they still fit (this year I had to buy new stockings as mine were now too big).

3) Borrow from the kids: What are you kids being for Halloween? can you borrow props and accessories from their costumes. Of course this will not work for a family party, but if your party is on a seperate night you can always share. (This year his 6 year old daughter's skeleton bride costume created claws for Mark, hair extensions for me, and flowers for my gingham bas…

Halloween Costume Shopping Blues (for BIG girls )

Every year, I love and dread picking out my Halloween costume.

Of course the first step is picking out *what* I want to be. This year it was easy. I didn't get a costume last year because of Adam and Kelsey's wedding falling on the weekend of all the parties. Still, I picked my character, and I have been looking forward to it for a year. Little Red Riding Hood it is...and my boyfriend has been decided to play along and go the  couples costume route. It is going to be awesome.

Then it is the sorting through all the options and finding a costume that is cute, but not too...ummmm skanky.
Once I have been successful, then it is on to accessorizing the costume (hair extensions, props, gloves, hosiery).

This girl needs a longer skirt than most cute costumes offer and low cut is acceptable, but there are limits.
Then there is picking the right size. This year I ordered a size up figuring I would rather have to take it in than be spilling out in all the wrong places. I have had to t…