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I'm Still Standing (AKA Lessons Learned from Karaoke 2.0)

Two weekends ago, I went out to our one Friday night karaoke show. I put in Liz Phair's Everything to Me, but when they called me to the mic, it was this song instead:

                          (um yeah if you are easily might want to skip the video...the radio version is Less than Perfect by Pink)

I told the guys I didn't know the song well enough to sing it (which was true), and they of course gave me crap for it. They made me promise to learn the song for the next weekend. I wasn't sure why they wanted me to learn it. Yeah, I sing Pink songs, and maybe they just wanted to hear me curse into the microphone. Then I actually listened to the words, and I suddenly had a revelation: this song was so me.
I'm sure many of you can come up with various reasons of why the song is me. There are few that come to mind.
Literally, if you look at the video there is that comparison. No, I never cut myself or shop lifted or anything like that. However, I grew up always fe…