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Following Directions

Some days, my job is awesome and very rewarding. Other days it makes me want to kick kittens.

Admittedly, some of the not so great days can be easily turned around by changing my attitude. Monday was one of those days where it was really hard to put a positive spin on the situation. We weren't overly busy, but I feel like we accomplished nothing because no one could be bothered to follow directions.We spent the whole day repeating ourselves and cleaning up messes.

I knew it was going to be a long day when first thing in the morning, 2 students showed up for their TEAS test  without their receipts. Mind you it states on the scheduling website, they must bring a hard copy with them on their testing day. They have to check that they understand that if they do not bring the receipt and other required items, they will not be able to test in order to book their appointment. Also, they are told to bring their receipt again in their confirmation e-mail. They were told 3 times to bring it…