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Shoulders in a Vice

A culmination of the stress at work (midterms, into the elevator relocation, into finals, to the stress at home (the usual suspects:groceries, cooking, cleaning, bills, birds, kids), standing more than I should and doing physical activities (one activity in particular) I probably shouldn't have, my shoulder injuries from the tornado have flared up at bit.

My "good" shoulder is fairing a little better than the bad one. The bad shoulder is in pretty bad shape.

It hurts when I drive, do my hair, breathe, try to isn't pleasant.

Advil migraine reduces the inflammation a bit, but it typically starts wearing off at the end of the work day...and I can only take it once every 24 hours :-(

The pain sucks. It is hard to stay on schedule when it hurts to get dressed and get ready for work. It can be distracting...which scares me when I drive.

I am hoping that the massage I have scheduled for Saturday will bring me some relief.  Hopefully she will be able to break up t…