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We are moving

Yep we are moving. On May 18 we will be moving to Noblesville.  It is awesome, and I can't wait for us to not be 45 minutes apart. Seriously, I would not have seen him until  Saturday this week had we not his Dad not cancelled their weekly gold outing so he went to a movie at Hamilton Town Center...on the night I got my hair cut up there.

It is exciting. I love the apartment. We only have a few things to still get. I am freaking out a bit because I a afraid I won't have time to get ready.

I work 8-6 M-TH and Saturday mornings. One night a week is grocery night. One night a week is laundry and errands night. Some nights I am just so exhausted, I have no energy to pack and clean.

I spend my weekends up in Atlanta with him and his family.

That leaves Fridays.

1) Some Fridays are already spoken for (Next Friday has massage and nails on the docket. Nails can be moved, but massage not so much,)

2) I loose May 4 because of finals. I will have to work.

3) we may be staying here to get…