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Finding A New Normal

For the past ten months, I have desperately tried to find my "new normal." I am not doing such a great job.

Admittedly, at first there was tons of emotional things to work through. Then it was just getting back to the basics. That took months. Now, I am trying to figure out who I have become and what that means for my future.

This past Saturday night was this odd combination of the old and new. I found myself out with my friends. Some of it was like old times. We laughed, sang, and had a great time. By the end of the night I was sober and helping take care of some of my more overbeveraged friends. I like taking care of people. It is the one thing I do well. It makes them happy, and typically it makes me happy. Saturday night there were some crazy moments, but I was more than happy to help.

Then there was that twinge of the new normal: There is nothing quite like finding yourself throwing up in a shrub in the Pizza Hut parking lot. Even though my friends know the song "L…