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Tornado Benefit

The people of Northwest Ohio have banded together (and continue to do so) to raise money for the victims of the June 5 tornado. People such as Oprah have come forward to help the little girl who is the lone survivor in her family. I think all of this is awesome. Even the band Nine Lives (who are friends with our brother) is playing at the July 11 benefit concert in mom's memory. That is a great gift, and I wish I could be there to thank them myself.

It has been asked if we would be getting any of those funds...the answer is no. We have not asked for money, and no one has offered it...and that is just fine.

No amount of money can replace my mom and how she kept my family together. Money cannot undo the trauma my sister an I will have to live the rest of our lives dealing with.Money cannot fix the mess we now face. Money cannot replace what the others have lost, but it can help them rebuild without having to put themselves into (or further) into debt. We did not directly lose a house …