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So Long, Farewell....

The prompts:

Writing Prompts:1.) Write about a time you had to crawl through a window. (inspired by Barb from Half Past Kissin’ Time)
2.) List of 10 shows you’re glad have seen their last day.
3.) A bad day.
4.) Share a joke that always makes you laugh.
5.) On a piece of paper write down something that makes you happy…take a photo of your paper and wa la…there’s your post.

My choice: Prompt 2  (and I may lose all my facebook friends by the end of the day) Again in no particular order as I am just random:

ER: LOVED the first few seasons of ER. I wrote some of my best AP English papers during this show (they were due Friday naturally)...then it just got old. Then it wouldn't die. I was so glad when it was finally put out of it's misery:


wanted to shoot it and put it out of it's misery

Friends: (yes you can hate me now). I watched it in high school because all my friends did. Then I got over it. I didn't watch it for years, and I felt like I had missed nothing when I watc…

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 16: Dream house

My dream house has taken many forms over the years.


I don't want a big house...just one big enough for me, my family if I ever have one, and an extra room for friends to crash in.

It has to have one handicap accessible bathroom.

The kitchen doesn't have to be huge...just functional.

I want to be a safe neighborhood.

Basically, I want this house back (but not in it's current location):

Any of you recognize it? Maybe the big old evergreen in the side yard will give you a hint.

This house has had 3 owners since us, and all of them have made big changes. Pretty much any trace we ever lived there is long since erased...except maybe the writing on the far back wall of the upstairs walk in closet. It just seems weird to  me that in the almost 21 years we lived there, we changed so little from the previous owners. Now 11 years later, it is a totally different house.
I wish I had more pictures of how it used to look, but that  might have to wait for another blog.

While I Have Been Loving the Album Lately...I'm Not Sure why *this* song is stuck in my head

Sharing my "pain" on this fine Tuesday morning (and I need a break from looking at excel spreadsheets).