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2008 Update

It appears the Rain Tiger site has not been updated yet, but I am hoping it will go live soon. I will post the link as soon as it goes live.

I applied for my blog to be distributed through a company. That means that along with my regular travel articles, I will be taking offers to write additional articles for vendors...if it gets approved. I'm hoping to make the cut. I've also applied for a few more freelance jobs today. I should know more about those within the next few weeks.

New article


Most of you know that my dad has been in the hospital. I already have misgivings about insurance companies, but new evidence takes the cake. The reason my father went into the hospital is because he has an arrhythmia. This causes his blood pressure to drop and that is a BAD thing. Usually when this happens they do a procedure to get his heart back in a regular rhythm and all is good in the world. Instead they found another condition that means the sac (yes I said sac..giggle and get over it) has calcium deposits on it. This could be caused by a virus or by exposure to beryllium..but that us a rant for another day. They later discovered that the calcium had adhered itself to his heart, so it like his heart is in a glass jar. He has to have the surgery to get the calcium deposits off before they can do the ablation to fix his heart rate. My dad was supposed to have surgery Friday, but some idiot forgot to take him off one of his blood thinners, so he now has to wait. Toledo Ho…