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Wow I have some major catching up to do

Yeah tell me about it...things have just been crazy around here over the past week or so. For now I have a few fun bits of information to throw out there for your reading enjoyment:

Common Sense Police:
Insomnia Issues
My disdain for October 27th
The What if syndrome

Culture Feast
Media Literacy Rant
Finding A Halloween Costume

Still to come...a Halloween Retrospective...a look at how the economy issues can effect you personally, and maybe even a look at things we can obsess over once the election is over.

On the fiction side, I have been very busy...holy geez!

The issue is that I'm constantly coming up with new ideas, or developing my old ideas . It is theold ideas that get me in trouble. Sometimes the changes change where my story was even going. Sometimes I will have five different versions of a scenes written while I was in various moods and situations. Then I have to decide what stays and what goes. Sometimes it is a simple thing of yeah I came up with this but I wouldn't be co…