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Learning from a Cockatiel

I have a five month old cockatiel named Weddnesday. She's totally adorable, but still very rebellious. One issue she has is that her wings are clipped. She will not have flight feathers for at least another month (her six month molt). That means she cannot fly. Actually, they clipped ALL her flight feathers so she more so just flutters and then plops to the floor. When I clip my birds, I usually only clip the first five feathers on each wing. This way they can still get distance but not altitude, and it keeps them from just falling like a rock.
One would think after a few rough crash landings she would get that currently her wings do not work. Instead, she keeps trying to fly with the others. I can't imagine falling to the ground is pleasant. Nor do I think she's a big fan of breaking more tail feathers (broken tail feathers = balance issues and baby birds really already have enough of those). However, she keeps trying. She knows the negative consequences, but she tries at…