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Another Week comes to a Close

Hello all! I'm actually following through with my new found game plan to post here with updates on MWF. I think it is actually working out well!

First we have the new posts:

We have new fun on Associated Content! Yes I'm getting back in gear and I plan to start submitting there regularly over the next few weeks. Out first push starts with a little educational piece on using Cha Cha: How To Use Cha Cha

Yes, many of you already know I am a crazy bird lady, but this week, my 18 year old cockatiel decided to get sassy with me. Well really he is sassy all the time, but this was unexpected:Of Course I hear Voices
The new Friday tradition continues over at Common Sense Police with this week's a week in review. Here are a few of the things that did not make the CSP blog, but I still felt were noteworthy. This week's isn't so ranty, but it has some good points: Random weekly ponderings

Novella News:

So I have it narrowed down to 3 main characters:
1) Callee
2) Jacob
3) Thomas